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I'm a writer, editor and Atlanta Thrashers fan who lives just 5 minutes from Phillips Arena.

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I'm a writer and editor, and when I'm not typing away at my computer I can be found cheering on the Atlanta Thrashers. Before I was introduced to hockey, my idea of sports revolved around horsepower: I work primarily in motorsports and am a former motorcycle roadracer.

And just in case you were wondering, my favorite Thrasher is Jimmy Slater.

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Atlanta Thrashers, hockey, motorcycle racing, sportscar racing, traveling, writing

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Writing and wielding my red editing pen of doom!

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Atlanta Thrashers: West Coast Victories posted on 02/17/2009

The Atlanta Thrashers are off to a solid start for their four-game West Coast visit. The team kicked off the road trip with a dominant 8-4 victory of the Anaheim Ducks, then followed that up with a 6-3 victory over the L.A. Kings. To make things even better, Captain Ilya Kovalchuck scored a hat trick against the Ducks.

Needless to say, the back-to-back victories are a much-needed confidence boost for the Thrashers, especially considering the competition they will be facing when they return home next week: the Washington Capitals and the Carolina Hurricanes. In the meantime, though, the Thrashers will be facing off against the Phoenix Coyotes and the San Jose Sharks before heading home. The Coyotes are the first up, with a game this Thursday.

One of the biggest questions lately is "Who's going to be in the net?" Goaltender and perennial fan-favorite Kari Lehtonen has been hit-or-miss in his performances lately. Still, coach John Anderson has been favoring the young player over Johan "Moose" Hedberg. Despite the win at Anaheim with Lehtonen in goal, though, Hedberg took over goaltending duties against the Kings. Lehtonen let four shots get past him at Anaheim, while Hedber's total at L.A. was three. The team hasn't announced who will stand in the net for the next game, but it's looking like Anderson isn't afraid to change things up in his effort to build a winning team.

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Atlanta Thrashers: Introduction and Injury posted on 02/13/2009

Hi, my name is Beth and I'm an Atlanta Thrashers addict.

What's that? This isn't the Thrashers Addicts Anonymous meeting? Whoops, sorry. 

At any rate, I wanted to introduce myself since I'm a new presence here. I'm a writer and editor by trade, but I'm also a huge fan of the Atlanta Thrashers. I've been steadily delving deeper into hockey fandom over the past few years, and I went from "hockey novice" to "hooked" in a short span of time. I live in Atlanta, just a few miles from Phillips Arena, so it's no surprise that I can often be found at home games, cheering until I'm hoarse.

Unfortuantely, one of the players I haven't been able to cheer for lately is Jim Slater. He's my favorite Thrasher, but he got a shoulder injury after taking a hard hit into the boards several weeks ago. The latest word from the team is... well, there is no word, really. They haven't yet announced when they expect Slater to return to the ice. There have been some rumors swirling about his recovery time, but it looks like the guys who are really in the know are keeping mum about it, for now. You can believe that I'll be posting any news about Slater's return as soon as its announced!

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